Why OutDo Work?


OutDo Work Located in Historic

Downtown Buffalo, Minnesota

Our first time away from the city as remote workers, we felt the struggle with blurred work/home boundaries, in-and-out Wifi, loneliness, major road construction (yes, seriously), and the same surroundings fatigue (you can appreciate your living room for so long). So OutDo Work was created to help fill the need (pre-pandemic) for flexible, inclusive, community-building work space located in historic downtown Buffalo, Minnesota. The idea? ‘Do More Here,’ so you have more time to ‘Be More There,’ whether that be with family and friends, creative pursuits or just making your favorite dish at home! 












Proven productivity hacks, optimal indoor health practices, and energy saving retrofits that respect our historical 1905 building, have been used to create a better office and meeting experience.


What does that look like?

  • Easy online scheduling, payments and rescheduling (life comes up!) 

  • Air filtration system (MERV 13) at the top end for indoor health for commercial buildings

  • Individual room HEPA-grade filters

  • Complimentary masks and hand sanitizers 

  • Low to 0 VOC emitting furnishing materials

  • Daily cleaning with non-toxic cleaner (and sanitizing with bleach)

  • Upcycled, locally sourced décor from our local Buffalo occasional shops

  • Paint colors that mimic those found in nature 

  • Essential oil diffusers with relaxing / focus enhancing scents

  • A plethora of plants and lots of natural light

Combined, these result in easier breathing, lowered blood pressure, improved mental health and less sick days! We are currently testing sounds to mask conversations and increase focus and relaxation.  

Also, over 50% of our space is community space, weather it is dining, meeting or sitting area space which allows for professional connection. Let’s not forget the added benefit of the absence of household members walking in your zoom background inappropriately dressed (we see you WFH’ers!).

Plus, our flexible office, desk and meeting space options that allow you to pay for only the time you use, increasing accessibility for many.

This all translates to an environment that makes people feel GOOD! And we think has helped encourage a 90% retention rate since opening in August.

Needless to say we’re still learning, growing, and improving with the help of the regular awesome tenant feedback and daily onsite presence. In that way the building is living and taking the shape that the OutDo Work community ultimately wants to create, so they should take most of the credit. 


OutDo Work Owners & New-ish

Buffalo Residents Stephen and Amanda


Amanda Kiviaho

Co-Owner, OutDo Work

Bachelor of Science, Sustainability; Arizona State University, School of Sustainability
Bachelor of Art, Design; The Art Institute
Currently pursuing LEED Associate Certification 


Your standard, stuffy office space was of no interest. Amanda designed the facility using biophilic (human feel good) and sustainable (planet feel-good) design practices, created a membership concept based on inclusion + community building, and currently runs day-today management at OutDo Work for 12 members and counting. She's also the cleaning & snack lady. :) 


To contact her about biophilic commercial design projects, or if you’re interested in a future, part-time community manager position (or any other professional inquiry), please email member@outdowork.com.