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Founder / Owner, OutDo Work

Bachelor of Science, Sustainability; Arizona State University
Bachelor of Art, Fashion Design; The Art Institute

Graduate Certificate, Business Strategy, Harvard University Extension
Green Building LEED Associate Certified 

Huge fan of historical dramas (if they have great costume pieces, that is perfection), mid-day naps, and our goofy dog-child Maverick. 

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My Story

Your standard, stuffy office space was of no interest. I designed the facility using human feel-good and planet-friendly practices, created a membership concept based on inclusion + community building, and run operations for OutDo Work for 35 members and counting.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, but started my career in marketing consulting in NYC for big brands like Conde Nast Publications (home of Vogue, Traveler, etc.), Book-of-the-Month Club, The Knot, Petsmart, and many more!


My focus was on creating a tailored customer experience. After a decade of gaining marketing and business strategy expertise, I realized that while I loved helping businesses big and small succeed, I would really like to apply my know-how to my own business. I was also growing tired of the very patronizing corporate environment (by businesses not listed here).

So back in 2015, I began to research the potential to start my own company. I was guided by my biggest pain point, which as a remote consultant was the lack of co-working spaces that felt truly welcoming and conducive to the work I like to do. I enjoy the comforts of home, and like feeling like I belong. But I don't want to be at home (too many distractions) and I'd much rather be at a cozy coffee shop, but would then have to worry about loitering and lack of accessible battery plug-ins. I thought of how nice would it be to work in a cozy, inspiring workspace. 

Fast forward to 2019, we relocated to Buffalo, MN, a town about an hour north of Minneapolis. My husband Stephen and  I found an affordable, beautifully remodeled 1950's house (Thanks Dean and Kevin!) in a charming, walkable, lakefront town with just enough businesses to make us happy: a kitchen store / cooking school, a wine bar and hair salon! Now a few more wonderful businesses have joined the area. 

Today, I apply my recently completed Bachelor of Science in Sustainability from Arizona State University, combined with tenant/visitor feedback, to continuously improve the onsite experience.


I love coming into the office and hearing peoples stories, requests and experiences (yes, even the complaints). I am not always on site as we do travel quite a bit, but there is still a good amount of work to-do: 

A day in the life of a co-working owner (mainly speaking to the younger generation who often asks me about a typical day): 


- Project management: conforming contractor capabilities and task completion, scheduling and managing project timelines with multiple contractors, bidding and hiring out, using projects like Trello and Gantt Charts to manage schedules

- Responsive to current and prospective tenant inquiries: anything from updating credit card info, to upgrading tenant spaces, to reviewing meeting room process and tools

- Marketing: creating email newsletters, meeting room tips emails, special announcements, 

- Community involvement: sponsoring local events, co-promotions with other local businesses, organizing artist displays and reach out, article / blog creation for newsworthy content, hosting local entrepreneurial classes to discuss business, speaking at seminars (typically about marketing)  

- Operations: Managing zero-waste projects, upgrading Wi-Fi and internet equipment, working with Mesa by Sidewalk Labs on our thermal comfort project, learning what the heck a 'tech stack' is and how to build one, billing management for numerous business recurring expenses and customer payment portals, determine cost-benefit analysis for adding new/requested service sharing equipment (like printers), Manage mailbox member updates and ensure correct delivery of mail items, developing / improving digital sign-up process

-  New member onboarding and member off boarding: entire letting process, creating legally approved sign-up documentation, onboarding materials/communications, member office share 'match-making', experience check-ins 
- Business strategy: periodically assessing the business environment to respond to new threats and opportunities (think competition or expansion) 

- Expansion design and building design upgrades: Conceptualized and managed sustainable office & meeting space build out for current 4,000 sf plus an additional 1000 sf expansion, prioritizing human and planet health with selected furniture, fabrics, materials, equipment, color palettes, and lighting for a cohesive design
- Sustainability projects: Researched energy policy and managed energy audits to subsidize efficiency improvements, retrofitted historical building with various energy and water efficiency updates, reducing YOY monthly consumption by 200%, feasibility research into future projects (currently include solar (2023), rain garden (2023), and more)

Next up: I am researching lease concepts for growing small business owners that require a brick-and-mortar location of around 2,000 - 7,000 sf. but do not want to manage a build-out or building operations. 


Are you a coffee shop, small cafe, co-working space, yoga / gym studios, or small grocery market owner? Please reach out! I would love to chat about your leasing experience.

As people continue to start and grow their business, we want to help make their onsite experience easy and inspiring so they can focus on more of what matters. 

Contact me at (602) 881-4695 or for more info!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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