With attention paid to green building operations, older building inefficiencies can be turned around much sooner than new builds. Also, retrofitting allows you to avoid the plethora of toxic new materials that contribute to indoor pollutions and opt for health-friendly options (ex: we focus on 0 VOC and 0 formaldehyde products, most new builders and renovators do not). 

And every choice adds up! Here are a few of the choices we made to lessen our environmental impact and support a green building and operations. Not only do these updates support better health and well-being, but they also lead to cost-savings. Now that's a win-win!

Start with LED

Updated 185 office lights to LED, a 60%+ reduction in light energy usage (and recycled old lights at an approved facility). We also updated all warehouse lights to 10 energy efficient LEDS. 


Program to Win 

Cool during early morning hours for a comfortable work environment, and automatically lower during off peak hours to save energy. 

Upcycled Chic

Upcycled all interior furnishings to reduce carbon footprint, like the recycled, premium black maple wood desks as just one example.

Men with Calculator

Help from the Experts

Conducted professional commercial energy audit through CenterPoint Energy to further increase efficiencies (check back for results).

Sustainable Energy

100% Renewable Energy

Through Buffalo's Clean Energy choice, we have opted in to 100% renewable energy for just $3 a month. Learn more here: www.cleanenergychoice.com/buffalo/


Efficient Cooling

Updated 36-year-old AC units to a 96% efficient model.


No Carpet to Waste

Updated carpet with premium hotel overflow that may have other wise been discarded. Square tiles are used in high traffic area to reduce the need for replacement carpet. In addition, new carpet toxins have been allowed to ‘breath’ out, creating a safer product.

Recycling Bottles

Recycle Made Easy

We encourage recycling by placing recycle bins in every room and near every desk. We also provide old technology recycling drop-off disposal.


Happy & Green

Created a vertical garden on the building’s exterior wall to absorb energy and encourage a sense of well-being to passers-by. As we add to the garden, energy savings should increase.


Service Sharing 

Sharing technology and resources as a service allows for less resource use (and waste) overall.