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Everyone is welcome. It is our priority to encourage optimal health through our conscientious business and operating practices.

The best way to keep you safe is to make it easy. We remove touchpoints (now sensor-activated), provide ample spacing, and prioritize twice-weekly facility cleaning.

We also incorporate high indoor air standards through top-of-the-line filtration to not only keep you healthy but increase your focus and productivity! 


Touch Free Facilities

From key-less entry to sensor lights and water faucets, all typically high touch points have been made touch free. This is a triple approach: safe, convenient and energy efficient!


Fresh Filtered Air

We have updated to CDC recommended Merv-13 air filtration to eliminate allergens and viruses, leading the way for commercial buildings in the area.

We use a 3-Step air filtration process to keep you healthy and alert:
1. Pre-filter incoming outdoor air
2. Merv-13 filter: capture particles 0.3 μm 
3. Individual Hepa filters almost 100% at 0.01 micron

Air quality is further improved through individual office and desks air vents and constant fan bringing in fresh air from outside for fresh air flow. For a boutique office building, we are leading in clean air optimizations. 


Convenient Hand Washing

Along with two private bathrooms (with sensor activated faucets and towel machines), hand sanitizers and wipes are  located throughout the building. 


Twice Weekly Cleaning 

The premise is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized twice a week. Private office cleaning is included in your membership.  


Ample Community Spacing

In addition to private suites, we offer ample shared space to spread out. 


Healthy Materials

Indoor air quality is a very strong focus, along with thorough air filtration, we focus on using zero VOC (volatile organic compound) and formaldehyde materials and furnishings. This means extensive research when selecting paint, furnishings and other materials that prove not to include these materials (and provide a living wage to their makers), as these ingredients are particularly detrimental when they add up in indoor environments. We think you're worth it. 

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