Everyone is welcome. And it is our priority to encourage optimal health through through our conscientious business and operating practices.
In regards to Covid safety specifically, the best way to keep you safe is make it easy. That is why we have removed most touch-points (and made them sensor activated), provide ample spacing, prioritize hourly facility cleaning, and offer convenient hand washing and sanitizer stations. 


Touch Free Facilities

From key-less entry to sensor lights and faucets, all typically high touch points have been made touch free. Surfaces that are still hand contact are covered with an antibacterial surface to eliminate bacteria and viruses. 


Highly Filtered Air

We have updated to CDC recommended Merv-13 air filtration to eliminate bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus). Air flow was also optimized with reworked ventilation. Air quality is further improved through individual office and desks air vents for fresh air flow. Last but not least, we offer a premium Austin HEPA air filter in the conference room. For a boutique office building, we are leading in clean air optimizations. 


Convenient Hand Washing

Along with two private bathrooms (with sensor activated faucets and towel machines), hand sensitization stations are located throughout the building, including a 'Clean Hands' station at the entry offering complimentary masks.


Timely Cleaning 

The premise is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at the end of each work day. Conference rooms are sanitized after each scheduled meeting. 


Ample Spacing

In addition to private suites, all open desks are spaced 6+ feet apart. There are no more than 3 open desks per area. The dining area offers just under 300 sq. feet of space. The building also provides a dedicated entry and exit to discourage bottle necking.  


The Option to Stay Home

If you are feeling sick or have a fever, you are required to stay home. You also have the option to cancel your membership membership at any time for any reason. Our boutique member community also allows for contact tracing of all visitors through our scheduling system. Our thought, it's better to be safe than sorry. All while living and working your best life!

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