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9 Tips to 💡 Up Your Space and Get 💲 Covered

Did you know you can get your LED lightbulbs covered up to 50% of cost thanks to the City of Buffalo, We Save Program Rebate?

Updating lighting offers the best ROI for energy savings, over a 60% increase in energy efficiency (which means notably lower electricity bill)! While this article is geared towards commercial buildings solely bc it is based off our experience as local business / building owners there is also a residential rebate link included at end of article.

Because we have been asked about it quite often, we want to share our tips we learned along the way to help you take full advantage of this great program:

1. This is a retrofit rebate, so only one to one lighting replacements will be honored. There is also a new construction rebate you may look into on the City of Buffalo website rebate page.

2. The LED lighting rebate includes automatic light switches (we highly recommend these for buildings / rooms sporadically occupied) – this is not stated, but what we learned.

3. If you’ve already purchased the lights, you can apply for the rebate up to one year after purchase of equipment, according to the application.

4. The rebate is first come first serve per calendar year and serves the Buffalo area, so the earlier you submit the better!

5. To ensure your products are eligible, ensure they are on the ENERGY STAR or DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Product Lists (or contact Utility with any questions).

6. You will need to apply for the rebate before beginning the project.

7. There are many different options for LED lights, it can be overwhelming. For our coworking space, we went with the company who walked us through what bulbs would work best for our space. We ended up going with 4,000 K bulbs for our office lights.

8. If you are going to throw the old toxic bulbs away to leak into the landfill down the street, one might say it negates the positive benefits of this initiative. While I believe that ideally the cost of recycling old bulbs should be included, local company offers the best price by far and for large enough amounts will come pick up your bulbs. Call them to learn about pick-ups in your area.

9. If you have smaller amounts of LED bulbs to recycle, you can make an appointment at the Wright County recycling center.

This may seem complicated at first glance, but we spent less than an hour completing this process and saved a notable amount. The City of Buffalo was very accommodating and helpful throughout this process.

Important dates/ links:

LED Rebate Application Due Date: Nov. 30, 2022

Best bulb recycler (most convenient and lowest price):

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