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Meet the Maker: KR Customs

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

If you can imagine it, Kevin can probably make it. With materials he upcycles.

Kevin of KR Customs out of Monticello, Minnesota has creatively crafted many of the details you see around OutDo Work. Additionally, he made many of the pieces from materials he already had on hand or upcycled from other antique pieces.

Take for example the vintage hay trolley he used to make a unique hanging light located in our break area (image below)!

Just show Kevin an image of what you are thinking of, and he might be able to come up with a quality piece you can't find in the store. Have something in mind? Email us at with your idea and we will connect you to Kevin.

Kevin made this custom center island out of concrete, butcher block, and powder-coated steel. It beats any mass-produced item, and provides the perfect place to display our plates and glassware for our members and visitors!

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